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Eight ways to generate new content

Even as a professional writer, there are so many days when I sit down and the only thing rattling around in my head is a big ol' ball of tumbleweed. Luckily, I keep a set of foolproof tactics in my back pocket to jumpstart my inspiration when I’m banging my head against a creative wall.

1. Repurpose old content

One of the quickest and easiest ways to generate new content is to revisit what you have already posted. Can you update, add to or put a new spin on an old blog post? Has a social media post performed well? Can you make more of it?

2. Tap into trends

Keep a close eye on national awareness days, campaigns and current trends for newsjacking opportunities to provide value adding content. Programmes such as Hootsuite allow you to monitor hashtags and trends related to your industry so you're ready to pounce.

3. Answer some questions

What do you always get asked? If you're getting the same questions over and over again from your customers, maybe it's time to answer them. Another great way to find ideas for this type of content is to look at the FAQ pages from your industry.

4. Create lists

A listicle is a great go-to piece of content. Not only do they help with SEO, they can also be broken down and used for smaller social media posts.

5. Explore your customers' habits and interests

Take a look on your followers' social media profiles and see what they're talking about. Read through tweets, look at their likes, see what brands they're interacting with. It could benefit your brainstorming process.

6. Use Google search suggestions

If you've got a general topic in mind, search for it on Google. All the suggestions could be topics to cover. Plus, you can assume they'll be SEO friendly. If you're not sure what to search for, start with content titles you've already shared.

7. Get personal

If all else fails, tell a story about something that happened to you. It could be a success story, or maybe a mistake you made. Not only are personal stories an interesting source of content, they allow your customers to get to know you.

Need a helping hand generating new content? Get in touch via my contact page and let's go for a cuppa.

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